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Preveza is a beautiful city that is located in northern Greece near the Amvrakikos Gulf. An interesting feature of the city of Preveza is the undersea tunnel that connects the city with western Aetolia in Aetolia-Acarnania. Visitors to Preveza also should take advantage of the fact that the city is only 5 km from the Nicopolis ruins. This is an attraction that is well worth the time it takes to go visit. The natural splendor of the scenery in Preveza is quite enjoyable to the nature lover. The Theprotian mountains and the Ionian sea combine to create a beautiful scene. Budget hotels in Preveza have a tendency to be within walking distance of the most interesting sites in the city.The cobblestone paths and numerous flower beds make the streets of Preveza very inviting. Taverns are dotted here and there around the city, and are a good place to visit after a leisurely walk. The port of Preveza is a lively one, and travelers often convene here to relax and watch the boats. Do not miss the Castle of Preveze, a splendid structure with breathtaking views. You may want to take a day trip to Adis in order to visit the site of the death oracle. Cheap hotels in Preveza have the amenities that travelers expect from hotels that cost much more.