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      The town of Rethymno is located in the northern part of Crete. Unlike other places in Crete, this town is not known as a popular beach destination. Though there are beaches that attract a small number of tourists during the weekend, Rethymno is more well-known for its splendid architecture. Surrounding a large part of the town is the Fortezza or Fortress, which was built by the inhabitants of Rethymno during the 16th century. In this fortress, you will find a small Archaeological Museum with artifacts from the Neolithic and early Christian periods. Inside the town, you will find the Venetian Loggia, an imposing structure that features wide arches that stretch to the street corners. You should visit Rethymno every end of February as the town celebrates the Rethymno Carnival during their “Apokries".Many hotels in Rethymno are located very close to these historical sites. You can also find Rethymno hotels around the beach area. If you are looking for Rethymno cheap hotels, you can easily find a list of them at the travel site. This website also offers travel packages that include guided tours and discount hotels. Rethymno has the right accommodation for you whether you are traveling with your family, friends or alone.