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      Crete is a Greek Island of palm trees, stark steep mountains, and protected coves. Visitors leaving Crete hotels can see windmills on the plains, vineyards and gorges. Crete can satisfy them and others. This is an island where the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Venetians, Turks and Germans all left their mark. You can see the mélange of architectural heritage left by these different cultures. Crete is home of the ancient Minoan civilization. It offers glimpses of their life at the Palace at Knossos and throughout the island. There are also clean beaches touching clear water for swimming, pine-covered hills for hiking and museums for cultural buffs. A Venetian Shiphouse, now restored, hosts the annual International Art Museum in the Hania Prefecture. The city of Hania is home to a Maritime Museum, while the Rethymno Prefecture boasts the Arkadi Monastery and the Venitian Fortrezza (1550). There is also the Valley of Death near Katozaqkros in the Lasithi Prefecture.