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    The Dodecanes Islands – translated as the Twelve Islands, offers a series of fascinating and different places for visitors at Dodecanes Islands hotels to explore. These islands have come under the rule of various cultures including the Hellenic Greeks, the Romans, the Christian Roman Empire, the Crusaders and, finally, the Greeks (1948). The result is, as individuals leaving any of the hotels in the Dodecanes Islands can tell you, a mish-mash of architectural styles. In a weekend, Dodecanes Islands travelers can see Greek and Roman ruins, the fortresses of the Crusader knights, Ottoman mosques, stark Italian structures and the local white and blue homes.Dodecanes Islands is home to the old Greek Gods as well as the Christian one. The Island of Rhodes is born from the love of Helios for Rhodes, the daughter of Poseidon. It is also home to the Palace of the Grand Master built by the Knights of St. John. It has 300 rooms, moats, a drawbridge, tremendously large watchtowers and a nearby garden. Karpathos was home to the Titans and now shows off its windmills while Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates and sacred to Asclepius. On Kos another monument by the Knights of St. John, the Neratzia Fortress, stands guard.