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      The Northern Aegean Island of Samos is actually closer to Turkey than its country of Greece. Samos is home to volcanic mountains and terraced vineyards, fine coastal beaches and rugged interior mountains. The highest are Mount Kerkis and Mount Ambelos. The capital of the region is Samos Town. If you decide to visit Samos Town (Vathi), be sure to look ahead for hotel accommodations in and check out any sites on Samos tourism.You can spend a weekend in Samos. You can use the city as a base to visit the ruins of the Temple of Hera at Heraion or the Church of the Holy Trinity at Karlovassi. These offer some fine examples of Samos culture. You can find further clues to the citys past by visiting the major Samos attractions The Archeological Museum and the Byzantine and Ecclesiastical Museum. You can locate other Samos sights in the 17th century enclave of Ano Vathi. Here you can see wood and plaster houses with pastel facades and red tile roofs. If you still need things to do in Samos, walk to nearby Gogoo or Psili Ammas Beach. Better still, you can go shopping in Samos for the famous Samian wine.