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Sporadic Islands Details

The Sporadic Islands sit close to the shoreline of Greece. Over the centuries, they faced many different conquerors and colonization. Their names are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alónnisos. Their coastlines are beautiful; their interior lands are rich and fertile. If you decide to go to Alónnisos, be sure to spend time visiting Patitiri and the area surrounding it. Look into for hotels in this region.Patitiri is a bustling port town on the coast. The city sits on a pretty cove surrounded by pine trees on white cliffs. Patitiri sights include the picturesque streets with their pristine courtyards featuring flowerpots. There is also the large wine barrel on the bay responsible for giving Patitiri its name. However, among Patitiri attractions, tourists list, first, the nearby beaches. Patitiri tourism also stresses Patitiri is the gateway to the National Marine Park. Other things to in Patitiri include visiting a history of Patitiri culture in the stone building housing the Costas and Angela Mavrikis Museum. You can spend a weekend in Patitiri. If you do, try to go shopping in Patitiri for some of its local crafts.