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        Agia Paraskevi is a village on the Greek island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea. It should not be confused with another Agia Paraskevi, which is s suburb of Athens. The community was named after the Church of Agia Paraskevi, which is actually in a cave which has a well that local people believe was blessed by the Virgin Mary. This is a lovely place to spend a vacation or even just to come for a weekend. Agia Paraskevi is a great base from which to explore Lesbos and other nearby Greek islands. Guests staying in Agia Paraskevi hotels can stroll through the village and see many examples of fine old architecture. At nearby Klopedi there are the ruins of an ancient temple of Apollo. At another nearby village, Messa, visitors can see the ruins of a 3rd century BC temple dedicated to Zeus, Dionysos and Hera. Agia Paraskevi also has an interesting folk art museum. Hotels in Agia Paraskevi and elsewhere on Lesbos cater to all travel budgets, from the expensive to the bargain rate. For information on Agia accommodation, is the place to be.