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      Located close to the town of Skiathos, on the Island of Skiathos, is the town of Kanapitsa. The beach at Kanapista received both the Blue Flag and golden sea star awards for being one of the finest beaches in all of Greece. It is also known for its firs and pines that line the beach. If youre seeking the quiet and serenity of nature for the weekend, Kanapista has the peace and calm youre looking for. In nearby Skiathos, one of the well-known tourist attractions is the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis, a famous poet who lived on Skiathos Island. Right outside Skiathos, on an inlet, is the Bourtzi of Skiathos, a Venetian fortress built in ancient times to protect Skiathos from pirates; a sight well worth seeing. Kanapitsa hotels are close to the beach. There are a number of delightful hotels in Kanapitsa. If youre looking for the perfect price on discount hotels, Kanapitsa has a number to choose from. In Kanapitsa, cheap hotels are available with many of the same services offered by more expensive hotels. You wont believe how easy it is to book your holiday at