Hotels in Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

    Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival Details

    One of the major attractions in Thessaloniki is its annual Documentary Film Festival. Usually held in the Olympion Cinema, the film festival focuses on cultural and social concerns during contemporary times. This year, the festival's theme is "Images of the 21st Century".

    The Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival was started in the year 1999. Since then, the popularity of the festival has grown, such that it has gained great coverage from international press and has drawn in an estimated 16,000 spectators. Held in March every year, the festival now focuses on the cultural and social developments all over the globe during the 21st century. As one of the attractions in Thessaloniki, the Film Festival has regular sections, among which are the Recording of Memory, Portraits-Human Journeys, Views of the World and Stories to Tell. There are also other events held along with the main program which include conferences, exhibitions, seminars and school screenings.