Hotels in Thessaloniki Metro Station

    Thessaloniki Metro Station Details

    Making use of the Thessaloniki Metro Station is one of the ways for you to get around Greece. The biggest in the country, this train station provides rail services that connects Thessaloniki with the capital city, Athens as well as the towns of Thrace and Macedonia. The line from this station that goes through the country of Yugoslavia, linking the region with the central and western parts of Europe while the one going through Bulgaria provides access to Eastern Europe and the Turkey line to the near east countries. There are eight vending offices in the station for tickets and it holds a fast food restaurant for light meals and refreshments. There is also a newspaper stand, where you can also get some beverages and snacks as well as a post office and some ATMs.

    Address:Michail Kalou 6, Thessaloníki 546 29, Greece