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This gorgeous and ancient region gets much of its charm from the Balkans and has much in common with other countries in this section of southeastern Europe. History records that Thrace (or Thraki) has always been a place of intellectual pursuits, with poetry and the teaching of philosophy leading the way. The connection with Bulgaria includes tombs that contain dishes of precious metal and jewelry. In addition, those who want to learn more about the legends of Dionysus and Orpheus might want to start in Thrace. Visitors who choose a discount hotel in Thrace will find a rich folk culture and a deep spirituality that gives the region a special atmosphere.Travelers who work with to find hotels in Thrace will discover beautiful mountain scenery, and small rivers and streams that provide a perfect backdrop for outdoor activity. Agriculture is an important part of the economic picture here as well, as the eastern part of the region is known for its productive soil. Business visitors find that tobacco production is important in Thrace, especially in Xanthi and Rodopi. One of the seacoast regions, Thrace has a maritime flavor as well, in addition to lakes that provide commercial fishing opportunities. Art aficionados will be delighted to know that the statue Winged Victory in the Louvre was discovered on the island of Samothrace.