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      Trikala, a part of the Thessaly region, is a popular destination for several reasons, one of which is the mosaics at Asklipiio. This type of cultural attraction is a key reason travelers who choose a budget Trikala hotel enjoy their time so much. With the added charm of the Litheos flowing through the capital city, visitors are encouraged to check with to find a hotel in Trikala that will put them close to the numerous inviting shops and the local tavernas. Tourism is helped by the unusual appearance of the rocks at Meteora. Those who make the trip will find fascinating monasteries from the Byzantine era. As is the case with many unique sites around the globe, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring many manuscripts and religious icons.Trikala is also presented as home to three Argonauts of ancient literary fame. Religious structures and Roman ruins draw many visitors from their budget Trikala hotel. Students of history will delight in the connections to Hellenistic times. But the story of the region is not all in the past. Trikala is also the home of leading medical facilities, including a sports science department tied to the university. Numerous schools make the city and the region a popular destination for students and academic professionals. Other amenities that make the Trikala hotel a good base for travel are Internet access and professional football, two more reasons this is a favorite travel destination.