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    Le Gosier is a town which is part of the island of Guadeloupe, one of the French territories located just southeast of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Le Gosier is famous for their beach where people from all walks of life congregate in this very beautiful, almost white sanded beach. If you cant get enough of the beaches of Le Gosier, barely 100 meters from the shores is the let du Gosier, a very small island that looks like a very small boat from the shores. Rent a small boat and bring all the snorkeling equipment to watch the marine life just swimming lazily around the islet. If you have more than a weekend, Le Gosier also has a place called the Pointe de la Verdure. This part of Le Gosier looks like a subdivision but its an open area for everyone to enjoy great hotels, restaurants and more beaches. Theres a wide variety of Le Gosier hotels for you to choose. However, its always recommended that you get the hotels in Le Gosier located nearest to the beach. If youre lucky, you may find Le Gosier cheap hotels that will give you an ocean front view. The discount hotels Le Gosier located near to the center of the village should be your choice if youre planning to stay here for the whole summer. You can find these hotels online in