Hotels in Bács-Kiskun

Bács-Kiskun Details

Bacs-Kiskun is a megye (county) in southern Hungary. Discount hotels in Bacs-Kiskun communities such a Kecskemet, Baja, and Kalocsa are great bases from which to tour the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa region. Even though Bacs-Kiskun is Hungarys largest megye, it has one of the lowest population densities of all the counties, because most of its people live on farms or in villages.

Hungary is one of the worlds biggest producers of paprika, and visitors staying in budget hotels in Bacs-Kiskun will learn that the town of Kalocsa is the Paprika Capital of Hungary. The town is famous for its flowery embroidery and for the painting women who decorate everything in sight, but something not to be missed is the harvest season in early September, when the paprika fields are a sea of red. Also see the Paprika Museum and the 18th century Cathedral. The town of Baja is best known for its fish soup, so try to be here in July for the Fish Soup Festival. The Turr Istvan Museum honors a famous Hungarian general. Kecskemet is the provincial capital of Bacs-Kiskun. Here you can see a 19th century synagogue that was sacked by the Nazis in 1944, and later restored. The Kecskemet Art Gallery is housed in a 1902 Art Noveau house designed by Geza Markus. There are several interesting churches, including the 18th century Baroque Catholic Old Church, and the 17th century Calvinist church. Also be sure to see the Toy Museum.