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Harkany is a town in the southern part of the county of Baranya, Hungary and has a population of about 3,600 people. The town has been known for its spas and purportedly healing waters since a well digger named Pogany Janos first discovered a sulfur-rich spring in 1823 and claimed that it helped his injured leg. Since then, others have come to Harkany to bathe in the waters in the hopes they will find relief from health issues like lymphatic problems and psoriasis. In fact, more than 1 million people now visit Harkany each year. will help you to find the best budget Harkany hotels for your stay.Another advantage of staying in a discount hotel in Harkany is that you will be so close to the Croatian border. The Drava and Danube rivers form part of the border with Croatia and the county has more than twice the immigrant population of the rest of the country. To the north you can visit the Villany Mountains, or continue on to the Mecsek Mountains to see Zengo, the highest peak in the county. Hungary has over 700 palaces, and two are nearby: the Szentegat-Biedermann Palace and the Mecseknadasd Palace.