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The town of Gyula is a combined historical destination and fun for a family vacation for the weekend. Gyula has thermal baths found in various places, but among them is the water park that is located in the towns most famous castle. The Castle Bath provides healing waters, high in mineral content and kids and adults alike will love the swimming pools for a relaxing holiday. The castle was formerly called the Almasy Mansion but since the discovery of the healing waters, pools were built while the beauty of the structure is still preserved. The next best thing that you can visit in Gyula is a Gothic Castle made entirely of Bricks one of the remaining few in Europe. Theres also the Castle Museum where you can see the artifacts that were collected in the important places of Gyula. When traveling with the family, travel packages with Gyula cheap hotels are essential to have great fun on a budget. Gyula hotels can be as expensive as you want but there are also places that you can stay which are regarded as discount hotels. Gyula has numerous famous places and you should also visit places aside from visiting their therapeutic baths. The hotels in Gyula can provide you with guided tours. can provide you with the packages and guided tours to have a smoother vacation in Gyula