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Cheap hotels in Tarcal are situated along the eastern end of the Hegyalja wine district. The closeness to this district makes a visit to a local winery a must. However, there is much more to do in Tarcal than raise a glass. The largest national park in Hungary is located here and offers fun for all ages. The landscape of the Bukk National Park includes forests and mountains, limestone formations, caves that are thought to have been inhabited by pre-historic man, and ravines. The Sugar Museum is another unique treat visitors will not want to miss. The museum has displays and exhibits that tell the history of sugar and sugar production in the local area. Documents, artifacts, and sugar packets in brilliant colors all have a story to tell.Discount hotels in Tarcal in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary are in close proximity to two stunning castles. The Castle of Diosgyor, a medieval castle built in the 1100s, has been rebuilt several times over the years. Today, visitors can tour the Pauline Monastery, the weapons exhibit, and the history exhibit. The Saropatak Castle is sometimes called the Athens of Bodrog. The castle was well known as a center of cultural enlightenment famous for a fresco of roses on its main ceiling.