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    0 Kilometer Stone Details

    Everywhere you go in your travels, there is a good chance you will see some sights that simply dont make it into most travel guides. That is likely to be the case with the 0 Kilometer Stone in Budapest Hungary. As far as landmarks go, this one is incredibly unique. The stone is located in the small park on Clark Adam ter and is used to measure all of the distances within Hungary.Its pretty hard to miss the 0 Kilometer Stone. It is a large oval shaped stone sitting pretty much in the middle of everything. Many uninformed visitors to Budapest think it is a piece of modern sculpture. This landmark certainly makes for some very interesting and unique picture opportunities for your scrap book once you get home. Of course as you explore the rest of Hungary you can see evidence of the Stones use with every distance marker you pass.

    Address: Budapest Clark Ádám tér, 1013 Hungary