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    Chain Bridge Details

    Its always nice when your Budapest attractions are both interesting and functional. You will find this amazing combination in the Chain Bridge of Budapest. This structure has a very interesting past and has played a huge role in the modernization and success of Budapest. Back in the days when Budapest was still two separate cities of Buda and Pest, the Chain Bridge was commissioned to link the two cities together via the Danube River. The project got underway in 1836 when William Clark and Adam Clark were hired to complete the bridge.The Chain Bridge of Budapest is 16 meters wide and 375 meters long. For the day in which it was built, this was an amazing feat. As a result of the Chain Bridge, the two parts of Budapest were joined as one and this bridge had a amazing effect on the economical situation of old fashioned Budapest.

    Address: Over the Danube, Between Clark Adam ter and Roosevelt ter, Budapest 1013, Hungary