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    Even though you can enjoy movies in high quality theaters all over the world, if you like interesting places or movies a great deal, you simply have to visit the Művész Mozi in Budapest, Hungary. This isn't one of those multi massive movie theaters that exist everywhere. This one has a very artsy look and feel and often shows independent movies and shorts. You can even take in traditional Hungarian movies with English subtitles if you really want to explore and immerse yourself in the Hungarian culture and get a better feel for the people.The theater has more than just movies, atmosphere, and popcorn. You can also explore the attached bookstore for some truly outstanding works of literature printed in English for your convenience. Any way you look at it, a visit to this movie theater isn't going to be anything like your trips to the movies back home.

    Address: Budapest, Teréz krt. 30, 1066 Hungary

    Phone: +36 1 332 6726