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Velence Details

Velence, Hungary, might have a similar sounding name to the Italian city, but this particular geographical destination offers its own unique attractions. Discount hotels in Velence are found along the shores of Lake Velence in a city that has roots that date back more than 20,000 years. This Fejér County municipality is found within an area of Hungary that changed hands many times throughout the years. It has been under both Roman and Ottoman control in the past.When hotels in Velence are selected for a vacation, visitors will find that just like the Italian city, the water is important here. Rather than serve as a major transportation thoroughfare, however, the lake is a major destination for swimmers and sun lovers. Other attractions here include the citys spas, nearby Lake Balaton and the Danube river. When a different view of Hungary outside of Budapest is desired, can make finding budget hotels in Velence a snap.