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    The town of Sopron is known for their wine, the Kékfrankos, so be sure to have a taste of the world class wine before you leave for the weekend. Sopron is also a picturesque village with lots of structures that tells of its historic past. Among the structures is the Feuerturm a high rise tower of the village. The tower currently functions as a museum of the city. The tower is also a part of the Barock Main Square where you can find lots of structures. The church, the flea market, and the city hall surround the main square of the city. The church in the square is dedicated to St. Michael and parts of it were built as early as the 15th century. The best hotels in Sopron are found near the main square of the city. Other Sopron hotels are small hotels that are family owned and they are usually discount hotels. Sopron hospitality is shown in these Sopron cheap hotels. Youll be part of the family and you can experience authentic cuisine that are home cooked just for you. You can find most of these hotels in