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The county of Hajdü-Bihar is in eastern Hungary, part of the Hortobágy Steppe. In this region, tourists come to the Hajdü-Bihar to enjoy the thermal baths or spas of the region. They go to Hajdúobozzlo, use the spa or walk the fortress walls. Hajdü-Bihar then amuses them with Village Days, the Spring Festival, the International Horse Show, the Flower Carnival and the Hungarian Goulash Competition. In Debrecen, tourists take part in the Barsodi Beer Carnival. In Debrecen, you can also visit the many churches, including St. Annas Church with its very elaborate Rococo interior décor. The Czokonai Theater exhibits its Moorish design while the Great Church reflects a neoclassical austere Calvinist interior. In Nyírbáto, there are two churches dating from around 1480.