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Debrecen is known as the Rome to the Calvinists as it is evident in the Nagytemplom, the biggest church of Debrecen. The church is open to tourists and you can actually see the vest view of the city when you climb up to their tower. Theres also the Csokonai Theater dedicated to the performing arts of the village as they were created in a Romantic Architectural design built in 1865. Aside from its religious role, the town also has some numerous thermal baths and recreational park that can be found in their local park, the Nagyerdõ. The way of life of the people is also seen in their Déri Museum where works of art and archeological findings are displayed in this museum. Even though you cant get to this place by road because the place is not along the highway going to Budapest, you can easily visit this place because of the modernized Airport that can cater to international flights.There are many things to do in Debrecen. From the thermal baths to the places to visit and things to enjoy, youll surely have a great weekend. Debrecen has numerous hotels located near these places and its actually easier if you book travel packages with discount hotels. Debrecen activities and places to visit become more accessible because of the additional activities that come with a bundled reservation. Your Debrecen cheap hotels will guarantee you a great time in town as these Debrecen hotels make sure that you have the time of your life here. These hotels in Debrecen can be reserved online in