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    Another town that boasts of its therapeutic baths, Eger is also known for their great wines called the Egri Bikavér. Their small but very entertaining wine museum could attest to you that they have what it takes to create one of the best wines in the world. You can pass through the Szépasszonyvölgy or the Valley of Beautiful Women where different wine cellars are on display. The wines and spas are also complemented with historic structures of the city. The Gothic Palace, which was reconstructed from the 15th century and the Cathedral built from 1831-37 are some of the places that you should visit for the weekend. Eger is also home to the tallest minaret. Standing at least 42 meters, you can reach the tallest part of the minaret after more than 900 steps. The hotels in Eger are sure to give you the best of time in this city. With their great wine, authentic Hungarian cuisine is also served in the restaurants in many of the Eger hotels. Thermal baths are also part of some of the Eger cheap hotels and even though you dont have one in your hotel, you can still request for a tour in your discount hotels. Eger is perfect when you book the hotel and the spa altogether which you can find easily in