Hotels in Tarján

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Tarján Details

The large village of Tarján has a lovely Roman Catholic Church. It is built in the style of Louis XVI from a plan by the famous (and busy) architect, Jakob Fellner. The town also boasts a Baroque Calvinist church from the late 18th century. It is also worth your while to visit this charming 1790 church. Both religious edifices are close to the downtown core. They are easily accessible from many of the hotels in Tarján. helps you locate the Tarján hotels convenient and suitable to your needs. This is handy, particularly during the Whitsun Music Festival. Tarján hotels become quickly full during this celebration.On Rákóczi Street, you can view a fine statue of the Holy Trinity. Relax in the Square. Wander from your room in your choice of several comfortable discount Tarján hotels. Relax by a fishpond, one of several in or near town. You can also head off to the local caves – Cave Peskõ. It is a good day trip.