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      This county carries part of the name of one of the worlds well-known cities. In fact, according to history and tradition the word Pest was sometimes the term applied to the capital, Budapest. The surrounding area is quite pleasing to the eye, a great reason to find a discount hotel in Pest in order to be close to the sites. can help the traveler find a budget hotel in Pest that will be convenient to artifacts from centuries past as well as close to a castle once used by royalty. One of the unique and popular destinations for visitors is the Museum of Geography. Others will seek out the ruins of churches and age-old abbey structures.Its known that almost every spot in this country carries some of the flavor, the atmosphere of a fascinating history. But Pest offers sight-seeing that includes Europes largest synagogue, a Museum of Fine Art and the state opera house too. Those with an interest in military history may want to choose a hotel in Pest and go out to see Heroes Square and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Travelers report that the landscape of Hungary and that around Pest are well worth the time, especially on a steam train. Pest has so much to offer from outdoor activities and night life, to historical treasures and one-of-a-kind architecture.