Hotels in Central Transdanubia

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Visitors to hotels in Central Transdanubia find there is much they can do in this section of Hungary. The region centers around Lake Balaton – the biggest fresh body of water in all Europe. If you leave Central Transdanubia hotels, you will quickly find access to any number of beaches. These include those at Balatonfüred and Kezthely. Since the region can be costly, consider saving through by registering at Central Transdanubia cheap hotels or discount hotels. Central Transdanubia will then help you spend your money in the highly commercialized Siófok or in the resort town of Badacsony.Plan to spend at least a weekend. Central Transdanubia also offers the Castle district of Veszprém and the volcanic Badacsony Mountains. You can spend time admiring the Festetics Family Palace in Keszthely or wandering the streets of the small village of Tihany. There are baroque buildings, cobblestone streets, winding roads and spectacular views of valleys.