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    This pastoral region in Hungary touches on the Hószeg Mountains. Near the Slovenia Border, you can find the Örseg National Park. Visitors stay in hotels in Western Transdanubia so they can ride and hike in this and other parks in the region. You can take leisurely strolls along winding streets or leave Western Transdanubia hotels to visit the country cottages of Kóseg. You can visit here for a week or remain a weekend, Western Transdanubia is a place to relax and escape from the bustle of larger cities in more urban regions. can help you find suitable accommodation, no matter your budget strictures. They can aid you in locating Western Transdanubia cheap hotels to make your stay easier or discount hotels. Western Transdanubia is not as expensive as many other regions.If you have time, go to the Rural Museum in Szalafó or see the ceramics in Magyarszombattá. There is the Jurisics Castle from the late Gothic period. It now houses the J. Miklós Museum in honor of their national hero. In Györ you can see a number of sights including Chapter Hill, the Ark of the Covenant Statue and the Episcopal Cathedral with its blending of Romanesque, Gothic and Neoclassical elements. It holds the “Weeping Madonna of Györ” brought there from Ireland during the 1650s.