Hotels in Gadány

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Gadány Details

The quaint village of Gadány is a very simple village that used to be owned by a knight. In the village of Gadány, you will find a simple church that was built on top of the Gothic Church. The church was thought to have been constructed as early as the 18th century. Even though there are specific areas of interest in Gadány, youll find a pleasant Manor that was converted into a Farm hotel in Gadány called the Lehner Major. You can book a six day tour using a horse around the village where you can visit the Kézsmárk farm in Kelevíz. You can experience the old ways of Hungarian farming demonstrated in this place. Not far from the Gadány is the medieval village of Nagyszakácsi where you can have a taste of their famous Cooking Museum. For folks who want to have a relaxing place for the weekend, Gadány is one of the villages of choice. A village away from almost anything Gadány hotels are small and mostly discount hotels. Gadány accommodation is usually run by a family and original home cooked meals are served there. Even if its known to be relatively remote, you can find most of the Gadány cheap hotels in