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The town of Siófok is one of the favorite tourist spots in Hungary because of their wonderful beaches. In a summers weekend, Siófok receives visitors that often seek the cool waters and the tanning sun in Siófok. Besides the beautiful beach, the town also has picturesque houses that were built at the start of the 20th century. The Main Square has very impressive building including the century old water tower, built in 1912. There is also an impressive neo-gothic Roman Catholic Church that was finished in 1903.You can easily get an accommodation from one of the hotels in Siófok. During peak seasons, Siófok hotels near the beach command higher prices than the hotels near the towns center. However, booking Siófok cheap hotels could be your advantage since these savings will enable you to stay not just for a week but for the summer months. You can witness every July the Golden Shell International Folklore Festival thats part of the bigger festival every summer months. When looking for discount hotels, Siófok and its famous places are found online especially in