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Though it is a smaller community, Tolna is a charming town located near lush forests (Gemenc) that was a key location on the travel routes in years past. Choose a budget hotel in Tolna and venture out into a place that was sometimes used as the seat of government and was visited by kings and queens. Discover the town’s summer festival and pay a visit to some of the excellent restaurants and bars along the city’s streets. But the attraction to Tolna doesn’t just lie in what is in the community. Close by are hills that draw hunters as well as those with a need for outdoor activity. Some of the craftsmen and women in the region produce wonderful pottery, carved items and fabrics colored with natural dye.Check with to find a discount Tolna hotel and enjoy the Vintage celebration, with its rich, full wines. Archaeological sites offer pottery and ceramic items that delight the visitor, as does the castle in the village of Pipo. Castle remains will interest some, especially the castle that has storks as regular residents. Other items of interest in this historic area are the county hall (in neoclassical style) and museum that is as sweet as anything to be found in the region. As travelers make their way through this unique place, they can actually buy the items on display, including honey-cake, various sweets and candles made from bee’s wax.