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A perfect place to stay for a relaxing weekend, Bukfurdo is known throughout the country as the premier spa resort. Ideal for those who have problems with their locomotive skills, the city offers a Physiotherapeutic Resort that treats its visitors with various water treatments and physical exercises. For the family who just want to have a great time with the waters, the Medicinal Spa of Bük is perfect for any type of relaxation. The hot waters of the village were discovered in 1950s and since then, Bukfurdo has never looked back. The town also has a great past and its shown in the Szapáry-Castle, a 17th century castle housing museums and works of art of the village. The intricate design found inside and out is definitely worthy to be visited.There are also hotels in Bukfurdo that offer spa treatments. These Bukfurdo hotels are usually found near the source of hot waters that are found in the village. In addition to the great spa, cheap Bukfurdo hotels are also part of the village where you can have a great time for a lower price. All travel packages can be found easily online on