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One of the best tourist spots west of Hungary is the little town called Sárvár. Individuals from all walks of life visit this place because of the thermal spas. Two types of therapeutic bodies of water are found in these town and both of them have their own curative effects. The Spa and Wellness Centre Sárvár is a new center in Sárvár and its one of the best places to stay for the weekend. Sárvár is also known for the historical Nádasdy Castle owned by the Nádasdy family who once ruled the village. Friends who are interested in trekking, mountain biking, fishing and hunting also come to this place because of River Rába with forests and hills that can be found around it. The hotels in Sárvár can easily be fully booked in summer especially during the months of July and August. Aside from the mentioned attractions accessible from Sárvár cheap hotels, the town is also home to the International Folklore Festival every 3rd week of August. Every July, Sárvár hotels are also flocked with tourist as the town celebrates the International Brass Band Festival. To have the best discount hotels, Sárvár travel packages should be booked online for comparison and among the best travel sites for Sárvár is easily