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        Among the thermal pools, spas and baths of Reykjavik, many visitors enjoy the experience at Árbæjarlaug. A relative newcomer to the pool and spa scene, Árbæjarlaug offers visitors a great selection of indoor and outdoor facilities, some of which have been designed specifically for children. The water park includes hot pots, water slides, a thermal steam bath, sauna, and sun lamp arrays. Additionally, there are a number of walking paths in the surrounding area, leading to Ellidavatn lake and the outdoor museum at Arbaer.Visitors also recommend the trails following the Elliðará river for their calming atmosphere. When the weather permits, watching the sun set during a soak in the pool is an excellent way to unwind. And, as the pools at Árbæjarlaug offer both indoor and outdoor arenas for having a soak, the weather wont be a blight on your visit. Árbæjarlaug is easily reached by public transit, and open most days.

        Address: Fylkisvegur 9, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland