Hotels in Blue Lagoon

        Blue Lagoon Details

        Icelands Blue Lagoon is arguably the most well-known of the countrys tourist destinations and many are surprised to learn that the entire park is actually man made. With mineral-rich water, a soothing temperature of 40ºC and stunning scenery, the Blue Lagoon offers visitors a wide selection of spa treatments. In addition to these optional spa services, visitors to the Blue Lagoon can take a relaxing dip in the curative waters, enjoy a bite to eat at the glass-walled restaurant on site, or purchase mineral-rich spa products for gifts and souvenirs.

        The steamy water of the Blue Lagoon comes from the Svartsengi power plant. The plant uses hot water from a mile below the surface of the earth to provide natural heat and electricity for the municipal systems in the area then, the excess water is channeled into the lagoon for the enjoyment of Icelands tourists and public alike.