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        Despite its small stature, Iceland is packed with theaters and performance venues. The Reykjavik City Theater, which opened in 1989, is a great example of this. Showcasing work from predominantly modern playwrights and authors, featuring young artists interested in dealing with hot topics and more challenging issues, the theater offers visitors an edgy alternative to the more traditional works on offer at the Icelandic National Theater. That being said, it is still showcases a number of classical plays annually, providing a well-rounded program of performances.In addition to a varied program of plays, the Reykjavik City Theater hosts a number of performances by dancers, musicians and even solo artists. The variety of offerings is supported by a troupe of 24 actors. Plus the theater has a reputation for collaborating internationally. It is easily reached, as its located near the heart of the city.

        Address: Listabraut 3, 103 Reykjavík, Iceland