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        Grasagarðurinn Laugardal is the local name for Reykjaviks botanical garden. Home to some 4,000-plus different plants and flowers from Iceland and the wider world, Grasagarðurinn Laugardal is an excellent day out for those interested in strolling pathways and gazing at ponds packed with colorful vegetation. The gardens originally opened in 1961 with just 200 indigenous plants on display. Today are just as dedicated to year-round research on plant species survival as to the display of stunning blooms during the sunny summer months.The Reykjavik botanical garden is on the east side of town, and is easily accessed for visitors from all directions. To make things more interesting for tourists, Grasagarðurinn Laugardals caretakers include clear labels for all plants in both Latin and Icelandic whats more, there are a number of exhibits showcasing plants with an amazing ability to survive in the harsh Icelandic climate. The garden is open to visitors year round.

        Address: Laugardalur og Háaleiti, Reykjavík, Iceland