Hotels in Keflavík International Airport

        Keflavík International Airport Details

        The majority of Icelands international air travelers arrive at Keflavik International airport, a short 40 minute drive from Reykjavik. The airport at Keflavik offers the sort of passenger facilities that todays air travelers expect, such as shops, play areas for children, works of art, financial services and restaurants. Also, Keflavik offers raft of commercial services and technical assistance to aircraft along the North Atlantic and Polar flight routes between Europe and North America.Keflavik Airport was built during World War II by American troops. At the time, Keflavik was one of the worlds largest airports and played a key role in trans-Atlantic aviation and protection for the Allies during the War. As US military forces withdrew after the war, the airport was transitioned to Icelandic control. Expansion and renovation projects in 2001 and 2007, has made Keflavik Airport a comfortable facility for nearly two million passengers to move through annually.