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        Reykjavík Park & Zoo Details

        A great stop for families visiting Iceland is Reykjavik Park and Zoo. Featuring 150 animals, a rehabilitation center for wild animals, a selection of family rides and other activities, the Zoo and Park have plenty to offer for a great day out during your stay in Iceland. The standard collection at Reykjavik zoo includes a range of relatively common animals horses, pigs, sheep, foxes, minks, reindeer, seals, turkeys and rabbits. In 2004, the Zoo augmented this traditional collection with an aquarium stocked with over 20 species of local fish and other sea-dwelling creatures.

        In addition to the fish and animals on display, families can take part in activities at the parks Science World, featuring a number of exhibits encouraging hands-on exploration of a variety of experiments.

        Address: Hafrafell v/ Engjaveg, Laugarnesvegur, Reykjavík, Iceland