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Odd as it may seem, visitors staying at budget hotels in Northeast Iceland in the summer enjoy milder weather than they would in the southern part of the country. That is because of a prevailing south wind. However, the weather is more extreme in the winter. That means more snow for skiing, snowmobiling, and other cold weather activities. This is a good place from which to see solitary mountainous icebergs.

Visitors staying in discount hotels in Northeast Iceland can tour the countryside and see the many interesting towns and villages along the coast. Holar, on the Trollskagi Peninsula, was for many centuries one of Icelands main cultural centers. You can still see the 18th century red sandstone church that was one of Icelands first cut stone buildings. It has been renovated, and is full of art and historic exhibits. You can also visit the History Center of the Icelandic Horse. Hofsos, a trading port that dates back to the 16th century, is gradually being restored to its original appearance. Be sure to see the Regional Folk Museum and the Old Warehouse. Siglufjordur was once called the world capital of the herring fishery. It is the northernmost town in Iceland, and is near Jokulsarglufur National Park. Visitors can see the Herring Era Museum, and in August attend the Herring Festival. The Folk Music Center is in the towns oldest house (1884).