Hotels in Faxaflói Bay

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        Faxaflói Bay includes the area of the south west coast with the Reykjames Peninsula in the south of Iceland. If you stay for more than a weekend, Faxaflói Bay provides its guests from Faxaflói Bay hotels with various attractions. These include boat excursions to the island of Viðey. Still other tourists in the hotels in Faxaflói Bay find their way to the Laugardalur area, the region’s green belt. In any case, find Faxaflói Bay cheap hotels through to set off the cost of staying in the region. If you remain in discount hotels, Faxaflói Bay becomes more affordable.If you decide to go to Faxaflói Bay, be sure to check out Reykjavík. This is the northernmost capital in the world. It has a large flea market and the National Gallery overlooks the Tjorn. Stroll around the lake, feeding the swans and admiring the unique architecture of corrugated metal covered buildings. A common feature to Iceland these structures include a church in Hafnarfjörður. Go bird watching on the Reykjames Peninsula or visit the Blue Lagoon.