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A great way to experience the tranquil beauty of Northern Europe is by booking a budget hotel in Fludir, Iceland. Anglers will be delighted to see the salmon river that runs through the town. Fludir is situated in a geothermal area in a pastoral setting and is within easy reach of Icelands major tourist attractions. There are plenty of opportunities for walking. The nearby Midfell Mountain is easily reached and from the top walkers are rewarded with spectacular panoramic views over the landscape. Also close by is Geysir, the oldest known geyser on the island. Its eruptions have been known to throw jets of boiling water 70ft into the air. The Gullfoss waterfall, one of the countrys major attractions, is not far away.There are many sights to be seen when staying in a budget hotel in Fludir, Iceland. The local golf course can be described as a forest course, with many trees along and around. In fact there is the chance for all kinds of outdoor activities, strenuous or relaxing, all in the unique surroundings of south Iceland.