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According to some travelers, visitors have to get out of the capital city of Reykjavik and spend some time in the region served by discount hotels in West Iceland, to get a feeling for the real Iceland. There, they say, is where you learn more about the people, the geography, and the history of this northern island nation. It starts with Mount Esja, across the bay from Reykjavik. This majestic mountain is popular with hikers, and the summit offers magnificent views of the capital.

The town of Akranes dates back to the year 880. It is one of Icelands largest fishing ports. The annual Irish Days Family Festival celebrates the Irish brothers who were the legendary founders of the community. Visitors should be sure to see the Gardar Folk Museum, which is actually five museums in one. Here you can see a restored 1885, 86-ton fishing boat, and displays about Icelandic farming life and social customs in the 19th century. Husafel is located in a beautiful wooded area that is popular with Icelanders. The water in the community swimming pools comes from the hot springs in the Selgil Gorge, and is said to have healing properties. From your hotel in West, you can also tour the Lanjokull Glacier, and the Surtshellir, one of Icelands deepest and best known lava caves. Not far away is the Deildartunguhver Geyser, the largest and most powerful hot spring in Europe.