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Tirupati is a place of resplendent natural beauty, as well as great spiritual significance. It is therefore one of the premiere attractions to visit in India, as well as a great place to find a discount hotel booked with No matter what reason youre coming to India for, whether its to get a taste of the modern country, experience the culture of ages past, or just to get away from everything for a while, Tirupati is full of rich experiences just waiting for you.First off, be sure to make a stop at the Tirumala Vekateswara Temple, a site of great appeal for practicing Hindus, where the locals often leave offerings on a nearly daily basis. The architecture here is fantastic, and is matched only by the other two prominent shrines of Tirupati: the Alamelu Mangamma shrine and the Kapila Theertham shrine. The latter of those two is quite extravagant and is situated above a picturesque waterfall, due to its being dedicated to Shiva, one of the foremost gods of the Hindu pantheon