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The countrys capital doesnt just sit down and lose the competition of becoming one of the best travel sites in India. As the capital, New Delhi is home to various religious structures where celebrations are almost monthly and business is really bustling in this city. Going to New Delhi is very easy as the Indira Gandhi International Airport is located right in the city. As a tourist, youll have access to some of the historical places; one of them is the Red Fort. This fortified structure was built during the 17th century. Inside the fort are numerous palaces and monuments that you can visit. Every August 15, the Independence Day, Red Fort becomes the platform of the Prime Minister of the country. From there he will greet the people and give a message for the country. Humayun's Tomb is a UNESCO heritage site. With a small entrance fee, youll gain access to one of India's most beautiful tombs with gardens that complement the beauty of the structure. The second UNESCO heritage site is Qutb Complex. A collection of Mosques and monuments, the structures were built in the 13th century. Aside from the structures to visit for the weekend, New Delhi is also host to numerous festivals. Among them is the Festival of Light or the Diwali, the Qutub Festival where performers from all over India go to New Delhi to perform and the Spring Festival.

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