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    This is the Indian state to visit if museums are of primary interest. So travelers should check with to find a discount Gujarat hotel that will put them close to Ahmedabad, Surat, Amreli, Bhuj and many others under the supervision of the Department of Museums. In addition, the region has a strong presence in the worlds of art and science. Collections that keep the state's culture alive are the Calico Museum (textiles), the Vadodara Museum with its connections to a former Maharaja, and perhaps one of the most popular, the Gandhi Museum (rare photos from the life of Mahatma Gandhi).A hotel in Gujarat is perfect to take advantage of the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat, which makes travel and sightseeing in the state a pleasurable experience. Check with this group for one of the exciting festivals and local fairs that provide a close look at the culture and art of the resident population. Travelers should not miss the wonderful coast of Gujarat, not only for the salt-water experience, but also for the temples and palaces that have been built here over the centuries. Include a visit to Gujarat Science City in the itinerary, known for its mixture of education and enjoyment.