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Kumarakom Details

Kumarakom is a simple village in India. One of the towns of state of Kerala, the village is part of the island surrounded by Vembanad Lake. Using the lake, you can rent a boat and go around the island which will usually take you two hours on manually rowed boat. You can also ask to be taken to the Bird Sanctuary near the village where various species of birds are protected and roam free. Be sure to visit this place during July and September. During these months, the traditional Boat Races are held in Vembanad Lake. Youll see traditional rowing combined with their competitive spirit.

In a weekend, Kumarakom is perfect for anyone who loves bird watching or anyone who wants to see the more traditional side of India. The hotels in Kumarakom are really simple but the accommodation and services are exceptional. Most of the time, you can request the Kumarakom hotels to give you a guided tour, and for a small fee (sometimes free) you can roam around the village on foot. There are also Kumarakom cheap hotels that serve traditional home-cooked dishes. If you love spices, this place is great for your. can provide you with this great accommodation if you book online through this site. Aside from discount hotels, Kumarakom tours are also available and can be booked in advance for a reasonable fee.