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    Dubbed as the literary capital of India, the city of Thiruvananthapuram has more than a university to prove this claim to any tourist for a weekend. Thiruvananthapuram has more libraries than any other cities in the country and their literacy rate is almost 90% - one of the highest in India. Aside from that, the city of Thiruvananthapuram also has an international airport that provides and receives flight from other Indian cities and the Maldives. As part of the southern cities in India, their beach is also a tourist destination. The most famous of these beaches is Kovalam beach. The hotels in Thiruvananthapuram are found mostly near the beach, airport and their university. When staying in Thiruvananthapuram hotels, be sure to try out their Keralite Cuisine. If every this type of food is not available, you can always try out in their local restaurants in some Thiruvananthapuram cheap hotels. Consider coming here during the months of August or September. Even though youll find it hard to book discount hotels, Thiruvananthapuram is transformed into a very festive town as they celebrate the annual Onam Festival. Be sure to go to to get a room in advance.