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Pradesh Indore is famous for its impressive architecture. In this city history whispers its tales of intrigue to the visitor through its many extant monuments. Pradesh Indore lies where the rivers Khan and Sarawati unite. The small temple of Sangamnath or Indreshwar, built in 1741, lies where the two tributaries meet. The best place to start a journey through Pradesh Indore is in the “old city”. Start at the Rajwada or the old palace, where you will take in a splendid blend of French, Mughal and Maratha style architecture. This 200 year-old palace reflects the might of the Holkars, who used Pradesh Indore as their capital. Near the Rajwada is the temple of Seth Hukanchan. This temple is known as the temple of mirrors for good reason; the interior is covered in intricate mirrors.The Indore Museum, located near the Main Post Office, is a great place to see pre-medieval and medieval artifacts. Finally, the most important monument is the Lal Bagh Palace. This Holkar palace, built in 1821, has beautifully laid out gardens and the design was influenced by English palaces. The bustling Khajuri Bazaar, located in the “old city”, is a great place to shop and drop a few rupees on beautiful souvenirs. At night a charming place to go is the Bijasen Tekri, a hill-top picnic spot and a great vantage point to see the city vista. has a range of discount hotels waiting to help you explore the delights of Pradesh Indore.